• Joint SKYTOP-TOCHA series of conferences on topological matter. 
    Fist workshop will be in Costa Brava, Spain 2020 – good progress: Venue, topics and invited speakers are decided
    Second workshop is  planned in Greece in 2021 (either Crete or Spetses, near Athens)
  • 3rd SKYMAG conf., in Paris, beginning of April 2020, to be organized by SKYTOP member V. Cros
  • XXIX International Materials Research Congress, August 16-21 2020, Cancun, Mexico, MPI/SKYTOP members are involved in the organization.
  • ECS Fall meeting 2020 – there is a relevant symposium proposal on topological matter
    Prof. S. deGendt, IMEC, president of ECS for Fall 2020 and member of SKYTOP could help visibility of SKYTOP by proposing invited speakers
  • EMRS meeting 2021-SKYTOP members will submit a symposium proposal
  • Annual Research and Innovation Congress and Summer School, NCSRD, Athens July 2022
    The coordinator will organize a dedicated workshop.
    Workshop invited speakers could also talk to Summer School.
  • ESF-funded workshop in 2023